I may be the most connected out of touch person I know. ” ~Hans

I’m a former second hand smoker and still reading the instruction manual for my life. Over the years, I’ve written a few stories about events in my life. Someday when I’m so old I routinely drool on myself, my family will read them back to me so I can remember who I am. Assuming these anecdotes will last long into the future, maybe my relatives will read them to their loved ones and hold them close to their hearts.

I have an intelligent and lovely wife, who for some reason, has decided I’m worth putting up with. At least for now. As of this post, we’ve been married … awhile. Hopefully she can hang in there a little longer.

I have two children. My youngest is very bright and creative.  I suspect she’ll move out soon. Even though I don’t like this thought, I know that’s the way things work. I’ve been preparing myself for her departure for so long I kind of already miss her.

My son is special needs. He has Autism, a seizure disorder and many other neurological and physical difficulties. His behavioral and academic abilities are roughly that of a 3 to 5 year old. In a strange Benjamin Button sort of way, when he’s an old man, he’ll be a little child. It has been a difficult journey but there have been wonderful moments. I hope for him.

My wish for anyone who reads my blog will be that they find enjoyment and maybe even something useful to ponder.



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